Being wrong, black holes and kirby

Eugeneypants: I always do the right thing, even when I don’t.

Myrtlicious: ….no

Eugeneypants: oh yes. # nevaevabeenwrong

Myrtlicious: nope

Eugeneypants: yup

Myrtlicious: I can think of 2 reasons

Eugeneypants: 1. I said my penis is average when in fact it’s GINORMOUS.

2. I’ve said i’m cool, but never truly stated that I’m AMAZEBALLS.

Myrtlicious: your face angers me and the crap that comes out of it

Eugeneypants: faces don’t poop

Myrtlicious: your face = ass HA

Eugeneypants: your ass = small planet, HA

Myrtlicious: and you’re being pulled in to orbit. BAZINGA

Eugeneypants: ohhh. I’ms staying out the black hole.



* note that no kirby’s were harmed in during this conversation. the opinions of kirby are his and his alone and do not reflect the views or opinions of eugeneypants and/or myrtlicious


Hot Bacon Quarter Pounder Lunch Time Awesomeness

Myrtllicious: Fuck it’s hot

Eugeneypants: Sweatier than the devil’s balls in long johns

Myrtlicious: Eww

Eugeneypants: Lol

Myrtilicious: You’re gross, moose

Eugencypants: Nuh uh, alpaca

Myrtilicious: Yuh huh

Eugeneypants: Listen here fuckbilled platapussy. No


* Next topic blocked by NSA*


Myrtilicious: Bacon on a quarter pounder is amazing. I need a cigar after this. 

Eugeneypants: Bacon an anything is amazing. Throw that shit on gummy bears.

Eugeneypants: Nah, go with the corn cob pipe

Myrtilicious: Classy as fuck